Wednesday, August 7, 2013

what i'm reading

I want to always strive to grow as a professional and here are two books that I heard about through another blog. I finished The First Six Weeks of School this weekend - it's a great back-to-school read. It talks about the importance of using those first six weeks to practice routines and set your expectations for your classroom. You basically practice EVERYTHING (just like you model EVERYTHING) so your kiddos know exactly what to do. The authors say it's a bit tedious to spend so much time on this but that it pays off. As a first year teacher last year, I didn't go into great detail with this but now I know better :) The other book, The Morning Meeting Book I'm going to start next. It's hinted at in the other book but it's the process of taking time in the mornings to go over the daily morning message and just give your kiddos a "run down" of the day. At the beginning of the year, it's a time to practice greetings and showing students how to interact with each other. I'm excited to read it and be able to incorporate this into my classroom! You can click on both titles to find them on Amazon. 

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