Friday, June 17, 2016


Happy summer! I'm a few weeks into my break...and it's nice! Teachers truly need summers just to rest up and regroup before a new school year. I've let blogging fall by the wayside but I'm going to do better! My plan is to use June for DIY projects, things I've been "meaning" to get to and reading...for fun! And then in July I'll start working on school things, probably popping into my room to do a little work. I made a running to do list in the Spring, so I have that to guide me as I begin preparing for a new year. I've been looking at Pinterest and have found some great ideas for next year! I came across a GREAT post about positive classroom management ideas from Ashley at the One Sharp Bunch! One thing I'm definitely doing is making a VIP bucket - you can learn all about that from Aimee at Primarily Speaking. I had several positive things in place with my class last year but want to up my game even more. With teaching kindergarten, I feel like that age really needs positive reinforcement since they're so little and learning how to do school and I think it's a great way to get them excited about school too!

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