Thursday, July 2, 2015

small group space

I've just wrapped up working in my classroom! I've spent a few hours each day this week unpacking and getting everything ready for my next group of kiddos. I was there a full day today but I'm done! Just about :) I have a few things I need to do but they can wait until later. I'm going on a missions trip in two weeks and really wanted to have my room ready so I could come back and enjoy one more week off before school officially starts. It's such a relief to have things done! I'm super excited about my small group space. I was going to make seating - with some inspiration from Pinterest - but instead found exactly what I had been looking for! These stools are technically side tables but they're sturdy and I love the colors! I need to have my table raised just a bit so my kiddos have leg space but oh goodness, I just love it! My other improvement are these adhesive dry erase circles I found on Amazon. They're called wall dots - something that would've been helpful to know as I searched and searched online before I found them :) I like them for two reasons: one is that I won't have to pass out dry erase boards and second is that the dots mark the space for each student. I used duck tape last year, dividing my table into six sections. I'm hoping these dots will last all year :) *fingers crossed*

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